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Elden Ring is FromSoftware's take on the "Open Field" genre, which they perfectly blended with their tried and true Soulslike gameplay style they're known and loved for by their fans. With Elden Ring's world of The Lands Between being much more expansive than their previous games, you can traverse areas on your trusty Spectral Steed, Torrent.

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While we're uncertain if Torrent is the only Mount you will have access to in Elden Ring, Torrent having a proper name and summoning whistle indicates there will be more Mounts in the game. But, speculation aside, Torrent feels great in Elden Ring and offers many fascinating ways to tackle the open world.

Note: The information provided below is based on Elden Ring's Network Test, which took place in November. The finished product could change a few things or even offer different Mounts.

The Basics

Torrent jumping in Elden Ring

Your trusty Spectral Steed, Torrent, can be summoned in an instant within Elden Ring's open areas, allowing you to cover great distances rapidly while also taking on formidable foes along the way. Additionally, Torrent is a great way to reach places that are not possible on foot. Torrent offers many new mechanics, which can be hard to pindown at first. But, in true FromSoftware fashion, once you grasp the feel and systems of the gameplay on a Mount, you will fall in love with it.


When using Torrent, it's important to note that you cannot block incoming attacks and lose access to some items. Furthermore, you will also have to worry about its health alongside your own when engaging in combat while on Torrent. Not only is Torrent a companion of yours, but the Spectral Steed is an essential part of Elden Ring's traversal, combat, and exploration, meaning you should take extra care of it and defend it with your life.

Combat Encounters

Mount Combat in Elden Ring

In The Lands Between, you will encounter a variety of enemies as you travel across its vast open fields, including knights, spontaneous boss encounters, and many other beasts that can pop out at different times of the day. And, while Torrent isn't a requirement to take on any of the enemies you come across, it will certainly give you much better odds if you were to call upon the Spectral Steed.

The Mount combat is responsive, engaging, and some of the most exciting parts we experienced in Elden Ring's Network Test. Pair that with enormous boss encounters, and you have some of the best horse combat we've seen in a long while. Though, it may take some time to get used to it, which we will try to address with this guide.

Mounted Combat Controls

When on a Mount, combat encounters are handled differently in Elden Ring and can feel slightly off at first to those not anticipating it. You cannot block incoming attacks, for starters, and have to jump or dash out of the way to evade them entirely. Furthermore, you now issue attacks from both bumpers and triggers on your controller.

What this control scheme accomplishes is allowing you to properly queue up your attacks in conjunction with your enemy's positioning, rather than relying on the game to switch stances for you or being forced to circle back to the enemy to put them on your "dominant" side.

For example, if you press R2/RT, you will perform a heavy attack on the right side of Torrent. But, conversely, if you press L2/LT, you will then send out a heavy attack to the left of Torrent, hitting that pesky enemy you may not have known you could hit unless you circled back around. The same rules apply to light attacks bound via bumpers L1/LB and R1/RB, respectively.

How To Heal Your Mount

Fighting a boss on a Mount in Elden Ring

As touched on earlier, when engaging in combat encounters on Torrent, you will have to keep up with healing yourself and the Spectral Steed. However, the same rules do not apply as chugging the contents of the Flask of Crimson Tears will not have any effect on healing Torrent.

The good news, though, is you can craft a consumable to feed Torrent, which will top its health up in no time. To heal Torrent, you must have Rowa Raisins, which you can craft with one Rowa Fruit by accessing the Crafting Menu. Rowa Fruit is found all around The Lands Between and is relatively common to find in most areas.

We suspect there will be more ways to heal Torrent in Elden Ring's full release but, as of now, crafting Rowa Rasins is the only confirmed way to do so. Furthermore, you can cast some spells while on Torrent, presumably allowing you to use Healing Spells to heal the Spectral Steed.

How To Revive Your Mount

Riding Torrent into a Dragon boss encounter in Elden Ring

In the unfortunate event that Torrent falls in battle, you can actually revive it if you have a Flask of Crimson Tears to spare. Though, if you do not currently possess one, you will be unable to bring Torrent back unless you can restore your Flasks, rest at a Site of Grace, or also fall in combat.

Fortunately, if Torrent dies, it isn't gone forever, which goes to show just how important the Spectral Steed is to the world exploration, story, and more. Keeping Torrent alive will be a tricky task for many at first, but after getting past the slight learning curve, you will be taking on formidable foes without breaking a sweat while you ride into the night, cutting down everything in your path.

Mount Limitations

Breath of the Elden Ring

While riding your Mount into combat is a thrilling experience, you cannot always rely on it to get the job done. And, in some cases, summoning Torrent isn't even possible, leaving you to tackle the situation the old-fashioned way. However, these limitations are for a good reason, and it also makes you appreciate Torrent more, which you always should.

You cannot summon Torrent in Legacy Dungeons, mini-dungeons, catacombs, and during online sessions (both PvE and PvP). While unfortunate, it makes sense in terms of balance and even the benefit of the player. Torrent handles poorly in tight, narrow areas and can be a problem for enemies on foot, especially invaders. Though, we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't want a PvP area with Mount combat in Elden Ring.

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