Life is Strange: True Colors is about to get something Square Enix couldn't give its predecessors: a Nintendo Switch port. That's right, folks, the third installment of the Life is Strange series is coming to the Switch on December 7.

Square Enix announced in a tweet on Wednesday that Life is Strange: True Colors will be available digitally via the Nintendo eShop on December 7. Those looking to get the physical copy of the game for the Switch may need to wait until February 25 to get their hands on it.

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Back in October, Square Enix announced that Life is Strange: True Colors would be coming to the Switch in "early December," but didn't give an exact date. The Switch version of the game was supposed to be launched on the same day as the other platforms, but its release date got delayed due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Life is Strange: True Colors launched on other platforms on September 10, and there weren't too many issues considering that it was developed during the pandemic. The only problem that did manifest was its performance on the PS4 and Xbox One, as the lighting wasn't being properly rendered on some surfaces. Aside from that, there was a glitch where Alex T-posed over another character in the middle of an emotional scene, which was eventually patched out.


Upon its release, Life is Strange: True Colors was lauded by critics and players alike for its new characters and storytelling. So much so that the game has just won the Golden Joystick Award for Best Storytelling, beating out Chicory: A Colorful Tale, 12 Minutes, Psychonauts 2, Tales of Arise, and Wildermyth. Considering this is Deck Nine's first mainline entry for the Life is Strange series after developing the prequel Before the Storm, that's a highly impressive feat. Even more impressive is that Square Enix said in a financial briefing that Life is Strange: True Colors is selling well, even though sales were lower than in the same period of the previous fiscal year due to the releases of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel's Avengers.

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