While the main game of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is quite easy to get through without thinking too much about advanced battle strategies, the postgame and the competitive scene is another matter entirely.

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When breeding Pokemon and trying to get a competitively viable specimen, you have to take their IVs into account. IVs, or Individual Values, are a marker of a Pokemon's potential in each stat that they have. With a neat little item, it is possible to influence a Pokemon's IVs through breeding - here's how.

How To Check A Pokemon's IVs

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Jirachi Judge Stats

Firstly, there are a few things that you should know about IVs (Individual Values):

  • All Pokemon have IVs for each of their stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.
  • An IV is a number between 0 and 31, with 31 being the highest and the absolute best a stat can be.
  • IVs are usually completely randomized when a Pokemon is generated, whether that's through an encounter or hatched from an egg.
    • When breeding, a Pokemon's IVs are set when the egg is generated, not when it is hatched. You cannot save and reload for better IVs.
    • Some Pokemon are guaranteed to have a number of perfect IVs by default. These include the gift Mythicals in Floaroma Town and encounters with legendaries.
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Judge Function

To check out a Pokemon's IVs, you will need the Judge function installed onto your PC. To do this you must have beaten the Elite 4 and be in the postgame. Head to the Battle Tower by taking a ferry from Snowpoint City and talk to the man on the far-right. He will install it for you.

Once you have the Judge function installed, you can check a Pokemon's IVs from the Box screen by pressing the + button. Next to each stat will be a rating that tells you the possible numerical range for that particular IV.

Rating Possible IVs
No good 0
Decent 1 - 10
Pretty good 11 - 20
Very good 21 - 29
Fantastic 30
Best 31

Using this, you can quite quickly see the overall quality of your Pokemon.

How To Breed For Perfect IVs

The key to actually affecting your Pokemon's IVs is the Destiny Knot. This held item, when held by one of the parents of a Pokemon egg, will make the child Pokemon inherit five of their parents' IVs and then randomize the final one. Check out our guide to getting the Destiny Knot here.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Golbat Staraptor Stats Destiny Knot

To illustrate this example, let's take Trevor the Golbat and Francine the Staraptor and put them together at the Pokemon Nursery. The Golbat is holding a Destiny Knot, so the resulting Starly will inherit five of its IVs from its parents.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Starly Breeding Stats

While we cannot compare the actual numbers, it seems likely that this Starly has inherited quite a few of its IVs from its Golbat father, and possibly its Speed IV from its Staraptor mother. What's noticeable is that it has almost certainly inherited a 31 in Defense from the Golbat.

We cannot say for certain which stats are inherited thanks to how randomly the Destiny Knot works. However, when you're working with more stats that are rated No good, Fantastic, and Best, the effects are far more visible.

Tips For Getting The Perfect Pokemon

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Pokemon Nursery Egg

There are lots of things you can do to improve your chances of getting a perfect Pokemon.

  • The Destiny Knot feature will pick five stats at random and then choose either parent to inherit that stat.
    • Thus, having at least one 31 for each stat in your breeding pair is the best way to breed a perfect Pokemon.
    • The final stat will always be randomized, so you might have to breed a lot of Pokemon until the random stat is a useless stat for your Pokemon (for example, Attack for a Special Attacker) or it rolls a 31 randomly.
  • Catch a lot of Pokemon. Every "Best" stat you can get is a stat you can pass down to a child Pokemon.
  • Getting a Ditto with one or more "Best" stats can expedite the process incredibly. You can find Ditto after beating the Elite 4 by heading to Dazzling Caves or Stargleam Caverns in the Underground, or by using the PokeRadar on Route 218.
  • Grab a Pokemon with Flame Body to speed up how quickly your eggs hatch.

Getting competitive-ready Pokemon is a long process that requires patience and lots of egg hatching and swapping around Pokemon at the Nursery. With enough time and effort, though, you should be successful sooner or later!

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