Ever since the failed attempts to clone Mew back on Cinnabar Island, Pokemon players have been trying to find ways to duplicate rare and powerful 'mons. Well, a trade cloning glitch has been found in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl just a week after their release.

It's a fairly simple glitch to pull off, and it's been explained by Twitter user Eclipse_tt. FIrst, initiate a trade. Next, when 'communicating... please stand by' pops up, the person trading the 'mon you wish to clone has to undock their Switch and put it into airplane mode. The Switch has to be docked with a wired connection for this to work.

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Previously, a staff member at TheGamer encountered this glitch but was unaware of exactly what conditions caused it beyond a connection error, meaning they were unable to replicate it. They discovered that the Pokemon you aren't cloning gets wiped from the game during this process, so make sure you don't trade your starter over when trying to clone a shiny Palkia.


There is already a pretty simple cloning glitch you can use in the daycare, but this gltich is useful for obtaining Pokemon you don't already have. Be sure to do this quickly, as it's likely it will get patched out soon.


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl have their fair share of glitches. Some fun, some useful, some hilarious - like a Black Belt trainer kicking an Infernape in the face - and some that lead to softlocks. Check out our glitch roundup to see some of the most prominent ones. There's also a calculator in the game that's just completely broken, so don't go doing your taxes on it.

If you want to learn how to play the game legitimately, we've got you covered there too. Our lead features editor and chad Pokemon enjoyer Cian Maher has put together a complete guide and walkthrough for the entirety of BDSP - if you have a question about the base game, he's answered it.

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