For the past 25 years, Eidos Interactive and Square Enix have given us the chance to go globetrotting around the world in the reliable hands of Lara Croft. Over 25 years and 12 main games, there are plenty of locations that have been instant classics and some which are instantly forgettable.

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It's worth going over these locations and separating the good from the great, which is exactly what we intend to do here. So, and without further ado, here are the best locations that Lara gets to explore.

8 Syria: Rise Of The Tomb Raider (2015)

tomb raider syria in game screenshot

Opening up this list, and indeed this game, is the Syrian tomb from the sequel to 2013's reboot. The location opens up in the Syrian mountains before Lara comes across a temple hidden within them. This location manages to capture a blend of over-the-top wonder and awe, with far more atmospheric and creepy moments. All of this is capped off by the brilliant puzzle at the centre of this temple.

This vibrant location is classic Tomb Raider and contrasts well with the rest of this excellent game.


7 Croft Manor: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (2018)

croft manor tomb raider in game screenshot

Although represented in many of the Tomb Raider games, in the rebooted series, we do not see or experience the Croft Manor firsthand until this point (excluding DLC). The reason that this iteration is on the list is because of its importance in the story of this game (it is presented in a flashback) and its visual design.

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The Manor in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is breathtakingly stunning and makes for a visually fantastic experience. This is something that other versions of the location were simply unable to replicate.

6 The Colosseum: Tomb Raider Chronicles (2000)

colosseum tomb raider in game screenshot of boss fight

Sliding down into the underbelly of the Colosseum, Lara Croft must explore this labyrinth of tunnels and passages to reach her destination.

One of the best aspects of this location is the soundtrack accompanying it; it is quiet and foreboding before becoming triumphant to show the success of Lara. Add to this a real risk of getting lost and an interesting boss fight, and you have a great Tomb Raider location.

5 Yamatai, The Devil's Triangle: Tomb Raider (2013)

yamatai tomb raider in game screenshot

Switching up the formula of Tomb Raider games, in 2013, the makers decided to swap out the jumping from one location to the next for a more grounded semi-open world approach set in a single location. Lara and her team are shipwrecked on Yamatai and must escape the natural and unnatural enemies that wait for them.

Yamatai is an exciting location that offers plenty of gameplay opportunities. Its best asset, though, is its ability to overwhelm the player and draw you into the game. You, like Lara, are dumbstruck by this new adventure, and it is up to you to overcome it — and yourself. Yamatai is the key part of the game's success.

4 Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (1999)

angkor-wat-tomb-raider in game screenshot

Angkor Wat serves multiple purposes very well. On the one hand, it is key to Lara's backstory and introduces you to Werner Von Croy. On the other, it is a classic Tomb Raider temple that introduces the games' core features while remaining tough enough for returning players.

Angkor Wat itself is a beautiful and sprawling location that offers a complex set of puzzles, traps, and obstacles for Lara to overcome. The developers really captured the Cambodian jungle well, and it comes across in-game.

3 Temple Of Xian: Tomb Raider 2 (1997)

temple-of-xian in game screenshot

Out of all the locations that Lara has visited over her long past, none are more treacherous or dangerous than the Temple of Xian. So many things can harm you in this location: eagles, big fish, lava and even the ground as it throws Lara high up into the sky. There are also a plethora oftraps that you will meet along the way.

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All of this has a great effect on the location; it has an overwhelming quality to it and is a somewhat daunting place. Also, in contrast to other more brightly-lit temples, the temple here is poorly lit, which adds to the overall character of the location.

2 Siberia: Rise Of The Tomb Raider (2015)

A stark difference to the previous entry here on this game, Siberia serves as the primary location for you to explore. Its snowy tundras and glaciers were a welcome change back in 2015. It presents Lara with new but familiar challenges and keeps the game feeling like classic Tomb Raider, but in fresh new surroundings.

A theme of the rebooted series has been the harshness of the world being the most threatening aspect of the game, and Siberia captures this well. Add in plenty of gameplay options, from zip-lining during an avalanche to sneaking through the cold undergrowths, and you have the making of a superb Tomb Raider location.

1 Tomb Of Qualopec, Peru: Tomb Raider (1996)

tomb-of-qualopec in game screenshot

The original four levels of the game that started it all were set in and around this temple. Outside, to complicate things, it has dinosaurs blocking the way in, and the dangers only start there. Tomb Raider was defined here, in these opening levels, that set the standard for classic Tomb Raider gameplay such as traps, big open areas puzzles, and a striking visual look.

The Tomb of Qualopec itself is a bizarre mix of orange, yellow and red. On top of all this, the location comes tumbling down on top of you, and a dramatic escape is needed to get away.

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